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Gust Forecast

It can be hard to predict when and where to expect wind gusts in Iceland. Even though the wind speed is low, wind gusts can cause problems at places with complicated terrain. It is hard to know where those places are. We have mapped the places where troublesome wind gusts are a problem on Iceland's roads.

This page shows a wind gust forecast for those places. Wind forecasts can change quickly. It is important to monitor the weather forecast closely before traveling.

The forecast is for the next 2 days. By selecting one of days below you will get a probability forecast for that day. It is possible to select any one of the gust locations to get an hour by hour wind gust forecast

When driving a small car without a trailer it is not recommended to drive if wind gusts exceed 30 m/s. Slow down and drive with caution if gusts exceed 20 m/s.

Caravans and recreational vehicles are lightweight compared to their size. They can withstand less wind than smaller cars. It is not recommended to drive withe lightweight trailers if wind gusts exceed 20 m/s.

The gust map

The wind gust map shows most of the regions where wind gusts frequently cause problems on roads in Iceland. The line color indicates the strongest gust at the location for each day.

If the line is green it is unlikely that the greatest wind gust of the day wil exceed 30 m/s.

Yellow line indicates that the greatest wind gust of the day can exceed 30 m/s.

When the line is red wind gusts above 30 m/s should be expected at some time during the day.

Probabilities of wind gusts exceeding 30 m/s