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Wet is owned by Veðurvaktin, a privately-owned weather and climate consultancy. Veðurvaktin regularly provides forecasting services to various companies and organizations in Iceland, such as the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, major energy companies, and airlines.

At Veðurvaktin, we employ both meteorologists and engineers to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers. We operate two different weather websites for the public:, tailored for Iceland's inhabitants, and, targeted at tourists visiting Iceland. We believe that should be a resource every traveler uses to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

We run our proprietary weather model based on the GFS global forecast. Our state-of-the-art model provides a horizontal resolution of 3 km for the first 60 hours and 9 km for hours 61 - 240. The model's accuracy is comparable to that of the Iceland Meteorological Office's model.

At, you can find forecasts for approximately 10,000 locations across Iceland. We display both our model's forecasts and those from the IMO ( In addition, we present all official weather warnings and provide access to measurement data from across the country.

At Veðurvaktin, we value innovation. We showcase some of our pioneering work on our webpage. Utilizing artificial intelligence, we've developed and run wind gust forecasts, which are crucial for those traveling around the country. We also offer user-friendly forecasts for those visiting the Fagradalsfjall volcano or undertaking the Laugavegur hike. Lastly, we provide wave forecasts for Reynisfjara beach, a popular tourist destination. Given the frequent occurrence of dangerous waves there, it's essential for travelers to monitor the wave height in Reynisfjara.